Ashley Simonetto Studio

My Daily Business

My Daily Business, spearheaded by award-winning author Fiona Killackey, is a consultancy like no other. Founded in 2015, the aim is to genuinely help small business owners create and improve their strategies. The brand underwent a refresh to better reflect their personality, resulting in a balanced vibrant identity. The wordmark utilises a serif typeface for an approachable look, with the connection of letters 'y' and 'i' representing community.


Brand Identity
Social Media
Template Designs


Photography, Hilary Walker

"We had been looking at a re-brand for months and tried another designer who presented something we liked, but didn’t love. After discussing the challenges with Ashley, she took the time to ask questions and review what already existed before creating some amazing initial concepts. We are thrilled with the result and will definitely be recommending her.” — Fiona Killackey, Founder.