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Having successfully built a loyal social following of 592k followers, Melbourne based influencer Jessica Alizzi is synonymous to the themes of masculinity, minimalism and timelessness. The brand explores textured papers and artful emboss finishes to enhance the tactile experience. The design ethos reflects the Japanese tea ceremony's embrace of simplicity and natural elements, appreciating the beauty of imperfections and the present moment.


Brand Identity
Print Collateral


“Ashley wholeheartedly joins you on your brand journey, showing patience, care and attention to detail, every step of the way. She was able to truly conceptualise all my ideas and formulate them in a way that was perfectly aligned with what I had envisioned for my brand. She is highly skilled not only in her incredible work but also in her ability to communicate in a concise and timely manner and makes building a brand from scratch feel like a breeze.” — Jess Alizzi, Founder